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Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

Online Linguistic Support

  • Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support
  • See guidelines for logging in and taking the OLS test here
  • In line with the guidelines provided by the Polish National Erasmus+ Agency, all participants who travel to take partial educational courses abroad and/or have traineeship as part of the Erasmus+ programme are obliged to take a language test before and after mobility through the Online Linguistic Support (OLS).
  • If there is no language that the student is going to study or train in abroad among the 24 available languages, the student does not have to give the name of the language or take a language proficiency test before and after mobility.
  • Online Linguistic Support is a tool serving to asses language competency and improve foreign language skills of the participants of long-term mobility within the framework of Erasmus+. OLS is available at: http://www.erasmusplusols.eu